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Half Day Coasteering

half-dayHalf day coasteering sessions are run daily with sessions in the morning and afternoon run throughout the year, morning coasteering sessions generally starting at 0915 and aim to finish between 1230 and 1300, with the afternoon coasteering sessions starting at 1315 and aiming to finish between 1630 and 1700, however we do aim to try and be as flexible as possible so if your group should have a journey ahead of them prior to the session and you think you may find it hard to make it for either start time then please let us know this and we will endeavour to help where we can.

Each coasteering session generally gives you between two and a half to three hours in the water, (depending on the group's ability and weather conditions).

After the general meet and greet it is then time to get kitted up into a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet prior to a short walk down to the beach where the fun really begins.

At the beach you will be given a full safety brief prior to the coasteering session starting.

The Coasteering session itself is basically a journey along the coastline above the intertidal zone where you will find yourself scrambling along the rocky coastline close to the sea, exploring the rocky sea cliffs and caves, adventure swimming, whirling in whirlpools, spinning in the stoppers and of course becoming acquainted with the local marine – seals, porpoise and dolphins are often spotted whilst out on a Coasteering session.

Where it is not possible to scramble along the rocks, jump into the water and swim across to the next section, jumps range from anything between 2ft and 35ft however these are not compulsory and there is always an alternative route, what we say is that the jumping is an individual thing so if you are happy jumping from 3ft up and the next person happy jumping from 30ft up then the sense of fulfilment should be the same for both members of the party.