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Most of Anglesey's 125 miles of coastline has been classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty, with hidden coves, sand dunes, European awarded Blue flag beaches and incredible sea cliff geology makes it an ideal place for leisure and learning opportunities.

ecoFor the Eco-Coasteering we tone down the adrenalin, and turn on the educational tour as we explore the wildlife and geology of the Welsh coastline.

Wales has some wonderful sandy beaches. But a large area of the Welsh shore is covered in rocks, sometimes flat expanses with shallow rockpools, sometimes with pillars of rock – often called stacks – covered in barnacles and limpets with deeper pools in between then. The area of rockpools in Wales is around 353 hectares, which is equal to 2,824 Olympic swimming pools or over 700 football pitches.

Who would guess that a shallow pool of salty water would be a wildlife haven! But that's exactly what rockpools are. You can find rockpools around much of the Welsh coast – anywhere that has rocks covered by seawater when the tide comes in. They can be shallow puddles or deep plunge pools.

Rockpools are wonderful places to see some of the rich variety of weird and wonderful marine life that can be found around our coast. They are windows into the underwater world, full of amazing sea creatures. And they'll give you a good idea of how rich in plants and animals much of our seabed is.

So come come with us and learn all about the local marine life with seals, porpoise, dolphins and basking shark having been spotted whilst out on our Eco-Coasteering sessions.